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Nashville bachelorette party themes

5 Party Themes for a Summer Bachelorette Party

We have a TON of bachelorette parties as guests in our Nashville homes. Meaning we have seen a ton of the super unique party themes and decor. Thanks to your girls at Bach Babes, we have the best decorators in town. So we figured we would share some of our favorite themes we have seen our brides use for their bachelorette parties. Check out these perfect 5 Party Themes for a Summer Bachelorette Party.

Last RendezVEUVENashville bachelorette party themes


Voulez Vous.. uh huh! Channel the inner glamerous, glitzy Broadway queen. Sparkles, cause duh, but make it upscale, it girl aesthetic. Pack the feather boas, sequin tops and all the diamonds. This theme is perfect for your boujee bride who wants and unforgetable Last RendezVEUVE. Get it hehe!


Nashville bachelorette party themes

The new Barbie movie with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling is almost out and we know it is going to inspire so many ladies this summer! Come on Barbie, let’s go party… in Nashville with Stay Minty.

Coastal GrandmotherNashville bachelorette party themes

She ain’t a grandmother yet but set her up for her fabulous new life with her rich husband (a girl can dream) with a Coastal Grandmother bachelorette party. Bring on all the seersucker, nautical stripes and mermaid core aesthetics. The photos will be amazing for her to look back on as her babies age and remember how hot she is.

Neon Nights

Aka electric love… this is for our Miami-esque, Nashville baddies. Neon cowboy hats, fun wigs, and  neon signs make for a badass bachelorette theme. Our homes have the best photo opts next to our neon and from the rooftops at sunset just like the photo above.

Send Nudes

Clutches pearls… This is for our spicy brides. The panties parties, the phallic straws, and risqué pole dances but make it classy. Send nudes is all about the neutral colors, French inspired pastries and all the champagne. Ask us for the bach celebration package to get the full set up, bottles included.

And there you have it! The most perfect 5 Party Themes for a Summer Bachelorette Party. Thanks for the photos Pinterest and Bach Babes, and our fab partners who can decorate the place before you arrive! They even have a Bach Box where you can do it yourself if you are on a budget. No matter the vibe of your bride, our homes with rooftops, hot tubs, and even a str*pper poles *wink wink* will be the perfect match to your theme. Click here to check our listings. Welcome to the party!

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