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Indoor Swimming Pool

Enjoy the pool rain or shine from your very own private, INDOOR pool! Kids and adults will love having a private indoor space to get wet and wild. Our Sevierville luxury cabins with indoor pools can accommodate groups of 10 to 25 guests, and includes other unique amenities like game rooms, dreamy views, movie theaters, full size decks, and unbeatable locations! Book a rental property with an indoor pool for your next celebration, vacation, or staycation for one hell of a time.

Zip and Dip Cabin

3 BR / 5 BA / 12 PPL - Sevierville, TN

Being ideally situated next door to a top rated ZIP line and featuring a private indoor pool, is what gives this luxury cabin it's namesake - Zip & Dip! This cabin can accommodate up to 10 guests across three bedrooms and a loft. If you include the pull out sofa, air bed and extra sofas in the theater room, we can accommodate up to 16!

Double Trouble

5 BR / 8 BA / 25 PPL - Sevierville, TN

The overwhelming beauty of these large and upscale luxury cabins are an absolute must for large groups. Spread out over 2 adjacent luxury cabins in the Smoky Mountains with 18 beds!

Chic Retreat 1 & 2

8 BR / 11 BA / 28 PPL - Sevierville, TN

Need more room for your group? This listing is for two separate cabins, next door to each other. Both cabins are identical in every single way and ideally situated in Wear's Valley, right next to one of the highest-rated zip lines in the region.

Chic Retreat 1

4 BR / 6 BA / 14 PPL - Sevierville, TN

Enjoy the tranquil forest views or relax in the soothing hot tub while binging on your favorite TV shows on the outdoor TV. Later, take a dip in the plunge pool while you ask Alexa to play your favorite tunes.

Timeout Tavern

2 BR / 2 BA / 10 PPL - Sevierville, TN

Are you ready for the perfect Smoky Mountain getaway? Your entire family or group will love all the features this spectacular cabin has to offer. You deserve a "timeout" from the stress of everyday life and Timeout Tavern is the perfect place to do it!

Chic Retreat 2

4 BR / 6 BA / 14 PPL - Sevierville, TN

Enjoy the tranquil forest views or relax in the soothing hot tub while catching up on their latest TV shows on the outdoor TV.

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