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Vacation Rentals Reinvented.

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It’s about more than just a place to stay.

We’ve made it our mission to curate uniquely designed properties infused with local culture in places you want to go.

  • Unique


  • Fresh

    Homes & Spaces

  • Crisp

    Comfort & Care

  • Cool

    Features & Technology

Hotel Service in a Fully Equipped Home

Hotel like consistency, 5 star service, & 'round the clock hospitality.

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Fresh Homes & Spaces

  • Spread out in spacious living areas, fully equipped kitchens and plenty of seating for everyone.
  • Relax & Unwind with down-filled pillows, spa-like towels and beds you can really dream in.
  • Be amazed by features that will wow you in every home.

Cool Technology

  • Online identity verification ensures you can self check-in with no waiting and no keys required.
  • Digital guidebooks put everything at your fingertips. Extend your stay, buy local attraction tickets and find out what's happening, all from the device you know best.
  • Enjoy premium entertainment options including Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu and hundreds of channels to choose from.

Local Art & Culture

  • Experience the food by checking out farmer's markets, coffee houses, restaurants, bars, pubs and eateries.
  • Experience the locally created art after you check-out by purchasing a print and having it shipped to your own home.
  • Live as a local in vibrant neighborhoods full of music, art, history and charm.
  • Celebrate & Make Yourself at Home
    • The average hotel room is 300 square feet. Our average home is 1800 square feet. That's six times the space for a fraction of the cost.
    • Hotels complicate things. We make it simple: no front desk, no check-in lines, no room key.
    • We can accommodate large groups. Why split everyone up across multiple hotels when you could stay together?
  • Stay Together. Go Big or Go Home
    • Our bachelor party pads have game rooms and stripper poles. Combine them to accommodate groups of up to 36 people.
    • Our luxury cabins have indoor pools and movie theaters. Combine them for groups of up to 50.
    • Many of our homes feature skyline city views from private rooftop terraces. Combine them to accommodate up to 48 guests.

It's more than just a place to stay.

Stay Minty means stay Fresh, stay Cool, stay Current. No matter how old or young you are we believe travel and exploration of the world and the experience of the many different flavors of cultures it offers keeps you young, fabulous & fresh at heart. Wherever you are on your journey; Stay Minty.

Our Mission

Stay Minty is dedicated to expanding our vision of the best vacation rental experience throughout the world. We believe our inspired places infused with unique art & design breathe freshness into a budding industry in need of the change we provide. Stay Minty reinvents vacation rentals one city at a time.

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