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Weekend in Orlando

What to do in Orlando – Besides Theme Parks

Who would have thought Orlando has more to offer than just amusement parks and mouse ears?! We talked with some locals to figure out What to do in Orlando – Besides Theme Parks.


Orlando’s Downtown really comes alive at night, with a variety of local-style pubs, bars, speakeasies, rooftops, and nightclubs.

Here are a few of the top joints you have to check out:


Mathers Social Gathering

Can you find the 20’s inspired bar hidden in a library full of books? Orlando’s Top Speakeasy is something you won’t want to miss.

Hanson’s Shoe Repair

Bars in Orlando

Another popular speakeasy that serves craft cocktails in a very intimate setting with a rooftop patio. Make sure you call ahead to find out the password…

Aku Aku Tiki Bar

Aku Aku Tiki Lounge

We love Orlando but let’s be honest, we all want to be in Hawai’i… Why not have a bit of both with Aku Aku Tiki Bar? Slurp up enough of these island craft cocktails and you very well may convince yourself, you’re in Waikiki.

Pretend you’re a local when you order the ‘off the menu’ Tiger Fucker cocktail. It has a huge cult following amongst Orlandoiniands and if you are a rum fan, it’s a must try!

Joysticks Arcade Lounge

One of the more unique bars in downtown Orlando. Where else will you find retro arcade games, a King of Thrones replica chair, a barbie station, craft cocktails, and karaoke?? Did we convince you yet?

Even if you’re not a fan of a retro arcade, let your friends handle the gaming and you can handle the drinking.

The Robinson Cocktail Room

One of our top picks for ‘What to do in Orlando – Besides Theme Parks’:

During the day, you can stop by their first floor for coffee, food, and cocktails. When you’re ready for more, head upstairs to the cocktail lounge. The Robinson Cocktail Room is one of the more trendy, upscale bars downtown.

Saddle Up All American Bar

Bars in downtown Orlando.

Put your boots on and get your line-dancin’ moves ready. We’re headed down south tonight… if you know what I mean…

Wall Street Bar Hopping

Things to do in Orlando besides theme parks.

If you feel like hopping from bar to bar, check out the famous 8 venue Wall Street, where all your drinking dreams will come true. Located at the epicenter of downtown Orlando, and always throbbing with music, booze, and eye candy galore.




Celine Nightclub

Clubs in Orlando.

After the bar scene, head to Orlando’s premier nightclub. Located in the heart of downtown, Celine will showcase weekly DJs, curated events, and live performances.

The Beacham

Things to do in orlando besides theme parks.

The Beacham Theatre is a former cinema built-in 1921 in downtown Orlando. If you’re looking for the ultimate indoor/outdoor party club, you have found your match. SWIPE RIGHT.



If you are wanting to get away from the touristy I-Drive chain restaurants, check out these local treats:

Boca on Park Ave

One of the nicer restaurants on the cutest street in Orlando, filled with coffee shops,

boutiques, and restaurants galore. Boca’s strong farm-to-table focus, and prioritizing taste and service is what sets them apart.

Hawkers Asian Street Fare

If you’re looking for the best Asian street food with a trendy environment, look no further. We can’t get enough… no, like, it’s starting to become a problem. Need I say more?

Stubborn Mule

Brunch and Stubborn Mule go together better than rum and coke…let’s booze it up people! Make sure you call to make a res-o, as this place fills up with champagne lovers from all around.

The Ravenous Pig

The name says it all. The Ravenous Pig is a stylish gastropub located in Winter Park. They offer New American food with beers brewed on-site and more craft cocktails than one should be able to consume…it’s been done before. We dare you.

Cholo Dogs

Voted Orlando’s latest & greatest newcomer.

Hard to complain about hot dogs but these dudes have taken it to another level.

p.s. for those of you who only stick to a certain kind of meat… they also have vegetarian and vegan options available!



After a full day of boozin’, coming back to a villa is 10000% more ideal than a generic hotel. We listed some options for your accommodations and party pads galore:

Stay Minty

Airbnb in Orlando

If a luxury hotel and the home of your dreams made a lovechild, that’d be Stay Minty.

Each home fits upwards of 25 people with game rooms, karaoke stages, private pools, and the perfect spot to start and end the night.

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We hope that ‘What to do in Orlando – Besides Theme Parks’ was helpful. Have a safe and fun weekend!


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