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Bachelorette Weekend Glamping in the Smokies with Stay Minty

5 Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas that are Instagram-Worthy

Have you been on a few bachelorette parties with the same ole decor? Or done the whole Broadway Nashville typical bride getaway but need some new ideas on how to make your girls experience unique and personalized? We get it. There’s a lot of the same themes and ideas that have been done 100 times. We want our brides to feel like they are getting a one of a kind weekend, just about them, that they can post on socials and everyone will ask where you got your inspo. We gotchu. Here are 5 Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas that are Instagram-Worthy…

GLAMP Mountain Weekend

Glamping Bachelorette Weekend in the Smokies

For the outdoorsy/adventurous bride, try glamping! More specifically GLAMP by Stay Minty (us! yay!) in Cosby, Tennessee. Located on Dunn’s Creek in the Great Smoky Mountains, this unique bachelorette experience is super Insta-worthy as each of the 8 glamping “domes” are themed out and decorated based on retro, classic rock songs. From Night Fever to Riders on the Storm, you’ll vibe out in the most boujee spaces while stargazing and having those all nighters you’ll tell stories about for years. Go whitewater rafting or tubing with River Rat, ride rollercoasters at Dollywood (now the #1 theme park in the USA) or sunset drinks at the end of the sky lifts at Anakeesta!

PRO TIP: Our girls at Bach Babes offer Bach boxes to level up your decor with personalized banners and balloon arches. All you need is 1 hour for set up and you’re groovy. Check out their different themes here!

Wellness Yoga Weekend

Yoga Retreat at Glamp by Stay Minty

Detach from the city life and get ready to settle into your newlywed life in a more zen mode with this unique bachelorette party idea. Get realigned with your babes next to Dunn’s Creek, a beautiful Insta-worthy property complete with the same glamping domes mentioned above, private hiking trails, and fire pits near the water for complete relaxation. Book massages, a yoga session or private morning picnic catered by us! We can set you up with the perfect mountain weekend for the fitness obsessed, wellness centered bride. Shoot us an email here to learn how!

Indoor Swim Movie Nights

Still wanna get outside but wanna live a little bit more luxurious with indoor pools, movie theaters, and more room to spread out?! Our Dreamy Views cabin is one of our biggest cabins with the best views. Everyone can have their own bed and for the main event, AN INDOOR POOL PARTY. Bring a portable projector, speakers and laptop with your favorite movie downloaded. You can inflate a bunch of floats and make an evening out of cocktails by the pool, floating to your favorite movie! Or just crash for a movie after pool fun in the private MOVIE THEATER! Decorate the cabin with d*** pics of the hottest movie characters. Or get everyone to come dressed as their favorite movie character. Who cares about the bars when you can make your own themed party at the most badass cabin in the Smokies?!

Aesthetic Nashville Girl

Aesthetic girls need the right back drop for the Insta pics. We understand the assignment and have taken our newest project to new levels. These three condos are already decorated with the BEST decor perfect for Instagram, like Rose All Day pictured below. Just imagine the photoshoots you can do in these rooms… Heres some photos to pin for inspo:

Need a bigger house?! How about one with a stripper pole?! The aesthetic girl will love our other larger homes with rooftop views, hot tubs, and stripper poles! Perfect for a Music City Gents private make revue show or Artful Bachelorette (just click to see what it is) session in house. After your private show, get the ya-yas out on a party bus with hot veterans at Hell on Wheels or go dancing at the most fancy night club, Dirty Little Secret. If you need more of a disco vibe, check out our favorite DJs, Amy Darling or Sparkle City Disco, who pop up at places like Brooklyn Bowl, the Dive Motel, or White Limozeen.

90’s baby Fanatics

Our most favorite unique themes we have seen recently are 90’s inspired. The childhood nostalgia goes full Britney Spears. I can smell the Lipsmakers and sweet pea lotion from here. We have to spots where you can get totally into it! Like at Totally Clueless. Take a peek…

Or maybe your bride is a little less girly?! Does she like Beastie Boy, Biggie, or Boy Meets World?! Party Like It’s 1999 condo is for ya girl. Or dude cause this would actually be great for bachelor parties as well as bachelorette parties! Skip the Broadway scene and get your 90’s music vibin’ at Bastion, request a 90’s only theme on your private Drag Bus, or play arcade games from the best decade at Up-Down.

If I were you, these sound pretty damn tempting. Spit ball these ideas with your girls. No matter where you choose to go for your Bach party, just know we wish you well and hope you enjoy your weekend away celebrating love and connection. Cause that’s what it’s all about! Life is meant to be celebrated! Stay wild and Stay Minty’s best wishes!

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