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Best Nashville Breweries to Grab a Cold One

Tennessee’s craft beer scene is absolutely insane. If you have ever been to Nashville, you probably drank beer while you were here. Didn’t you?! And if you haven’t been here, I bet you plan on drinking a few brewskis. Am I right or am I right?! Are you looking for the best places to score the best brew during your stay?! Hey, I am Morgan, Stay Minty’s favorite Nashville local travel blogger. And I’ve listed my recommendations for the top breweries and taprooms in Nashville for the best beer! Let get after it…

Jackalope Brewing Co.

Jackalope Brewery in Nashville, TN

Photo from Jackalope

First up on the list of the best breweries in Nashville, TN is Jackalope. They have two locations: one in the Wedgewood-Houston area, called The Ranch, and the other in the Gulch! The Ranch is one of my favorite spots for a day drink. The patio has corn hole and all sorts of yard games. And with 4 year round brews and multiple rotating taps, it is the recipe for the perfect patio hang. Try the Sultry Seagull and take a tour through the brewery at this location!

Location: 429B Houston St., Nashville, TN 37203

Bearded Iris

Bearded Iris in Nashville, TN

Photo from Bearded Iris

They are hoping you’ll “belly up to the bar and stay for a few” in their Germantown taproom! I personally enjoy it because you can watch them making beer, while you drink it! They have tables, an old school bar, games, and a patio! Their beers are absolutely delish and I recommend the Homestyle IPA. It’s one of my go to cans.

Location: 101 Van Buren St, Nashville, TN 37208

Tennessee Brew Works

Tennessee Brew Works in Nashville

Photo from Nashville Guru

This is one of those fun hidden gems of Nashville. I feel like a lot of people don’t usually go to this one because of the sketch spot that it sits in, next to an overpass. But their tiered decks are fire and I love love love their beer. I recommend getting the Hippies and Cowboys or Southern Wit. They also have a great selection of games and live music!

Location: 809 Ewing Ave, Nashville TN 37203

Tailgate Brewery

Tailgate Brewery in Nashville

Photo from UNation

Yo… if you wanna cool place to hang outside, especially in the summertime, here is your spot. I come to Tailgate almost every 4th of July for their fireworks. They also have a great trivia and live music outside! They have multiple locations, serving up some mean pizza and delish cold beer. But my favorite is the one in West Nashville at the address below!

Location: 7300 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN 37209

Yeehaw Brewery

Yeehaw Brewery in Nashville, TN

Photo from 6th and Peabody

The next Tennessee brewery on the list is Yeehaw. YEEEHAWWWW! WE LOVE their 6th St brewery. They have a stage for music (inside and outside), yard games in the back, and a Moonshine distillery attached! Behind each stage are huge screens, big enough for the whole room to see making this the #1 spot to catch me on a game day. Not only is there a moonshine in the backyard, they also have a hot chicken food truck and White Duck tacos! Don’t miss this on Sunday’s!

Location: 423 6th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

Southern Grist

Southern Grist Brewery Nashville

Photo from Southern Grist Brewery

This brewery actually has TWO locations now: 1 in East and 1 in the Nations. Personally, I love this spot for a day drink or stop when shopping in the Nations. It is next to one of my favorite plant stores, Denizen, and leather goods shop, Able. I recommend ordering the Insert Juicy Bits or their Seltzer on tap!

Addresses: 1201 Porter Rd. & 5012 Centennial Blvd.

Diskin Cider

Diskin Cider Nashville

Photo from Diskin Cider

Ok so this isn’t quite beer beer, but I bet there is a non-beer Cider Girl in your group. The open space of the taproom lets in lots of natural light and you can walk here from Jackalope in WeHo! And I love the name of this place. When I first tried their stuff at the Brew at the Zoo, I thought their name was Diksin Cider… say it out loud hahaha.

East Nashville Brew Works

East Nashville Brew Works

Photo from East Nashville Brew Works

Anyone down for a little trivia?! I love catching Nerdy Trivia in their East Nashville taproom! They have a bunch of super unique beers, including one infused with Gatorade. Check them out for a trivia or a day drink on the patio!

Location: 320 E. Trinity Lane, Nashville, TN 37207

Fat Bottom Brewery

Fat Bottom Brewery Nashville

Photo from Fat Bottom

Rounding out this list of the best breweries in Nashville is Fat Bottom. Complete with a chick with a juicy booty on the label lol. I LOVE this spot on a day for a day drink or happy hour. They have good food also! Their courtyard is pet friendly and always full of puppers. Beer + puppies= life complete.

Location: 800 44th Ave N

Some of the best Tennessee beers don’t have a taproom to showcase their best kegs. So as a little bonus here are a few options on where the vibe screams beer: Pins Mechanical, Hops and Crafts, The Pharmacy, and the Filling Station. And if you’ve had your fill of beer, try out these Nashville bars that are open now!

And there you have it, ya beer drinker! You are gonna be a Nashville breweries guru with this list in hand. Have the best time exploring Music City, one frosty mug at a time! Or two for your double fisting friends lol.

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