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Best Places to Catch Live Music in Nashville, TN

Nashville, Tennessee aka Music City. It’s what we do… So when it comes down to finding the best spots to catch this legendary music scene, you’re in the right spot. From Broadway insiders suggestions to hidden gem venues and information on weekly events, you’re gonna get to see why Nashville is so hot rn. Let get to it… Here’s our list of the best places to catch live music in Nashville, TN.


Nashville Broadway

Lets go ahead and rip the bandaid off on this one… YES. It goes without saying that Broadway is where all our minds go to when we think about hitting the town in Nashville. You’d be spot on though, because the bars down there have someone on stage from the minute they open, to the minute they close. And we have some buddies who play downtown and we’ll hit up their shows every once in a while. 10/10 recommend Nudies, The Stage, and Robert’s Western World!


Winner’s in Midtown is an almost weekly spot for many locals. On Monday and Thursday nights, they host an event called Whiskey Jam. Whiskey Jam is hosted by one of Nashville’s best MC’s and hosts artists of all kind from around the WORLD. It’s rumored this is where Chris Stapleton got discovered. We’ve seen all sorts of celebrities pop in and surprise everyone with a cameo. Or even headline at their summer outdoor concerts. So, this is a definitely fan fave.


Losers Nashville Live Music Bar

Photo Cred Facebook

Right next door to Winner’s is Loser’s. And it might be this duo’s better half. We freaking love Loser’s. Best house band in the whole town. Even if you are not a country music fan, doesn’t matter. You’ll wanna be part of their dance floor. The drinks are strong and they have adult Capri Suns. Sold.

The Basement East

Basement East Nashville Live Music Venue

Photo Cred Facebook

2020 was a real doozy and Nashville not only was hit hard by COVID, it was hit by a massive tornado in March of 2020. It destroyed this iconic venue during that BUT THEY ARE REBUILT AND OPEN. Help support them with their amazing line ups of amazing, non-country shows! Click here for their schedule!

The Listening Room

The Listening Room Nashville Live Music Venue

Photo Cred The Listening Room

Yo… if you wanna see what’s really up in Nashville, absolutely go here. Have you heard of a little app called TikTok (subtle hint to follow us)?! There was a chick who got on TikTok during quarantine and is now gracing the stages of this famous songwriter rounds establishment after her music went viral on the app. Some of you might know her as Priscilla Block. Dreams really do come true in this town and this place is perfect if you wanna little taste! Here’s their list of upcoming shows!

Alley Taps

Alley Taps Nashville Live Music Bar

Photo from Alley Taps

Hidden in Printer Alley, this basement bar may seem a little sketchy as you walk in. Adds to the dungeon vibe. But after getting up to the bar, it is anything but sketch. This place has anything from writers rounds to stand up comedy nights. But live shows/music 7 days a week starting at 6pm! Click here for their tunes calendar to see what’s up while you’re in town! And their sister location has the same vibe. It’s called Belcourt Taps and its in a great area for shopping. Check out their monthly lineup here!

3rd and Lindsley

3rd and Lindsley Nashville Live Music Event Venue

Photo from 3rd and Lindsley

Some amaaaaazing shows have happened in this space. There are stories upon stories about friends getting to meet the bands and interact with artists who brush shoulders here. It is a unique space and feels like you are out for a real show! Click here for their lineup!

Analog at Hutton

Analog at the Hutton Hotel, Nashville Live Music Venue

Photo Cred Analog Nashville

Analog at the Hutton Hotel is a more exclusive music venue. It has private parties and event space that is true to its Music City home. The bar is decked out in cool, vintage music gear. The last show I saw there was a writers round with Cassidy Pope. And the stage is so beautifully decked out with chandeliers and curtains.

Your Own Private Rooftop Concert

The BEST option of them all is to have the live music come to you! On all our Stay Minty properties, our rooftops are the perfect spot to hang and drink some cocktails without having to deal with Ubers and drunk assholes. And what is better than adding a little spice to the night with some of Nashville’s most fun musicians playing a private concert just for you. Request all your favorite covers and challenge them to play some originals. It really is the perfect way to experience Music City on a different level! Send us an email at to book or click here to learn more about this experience when you stay with us in Nashville!

And there you have it… the best places to catch live music in Nashville, TN! If you are planning a trip and just happen to run upon our blog, check out all of our amazing properties waiting just for you. We’ve got the freshest vibes and you’re not gonna wanna miss playing on your own private rooftop, one of the best features of our rentals! Thanks for checking out Minty Musts! Tip the band and as always, have a damn good time! Catch ya on the dance floor!

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